Loggershut is a website for: influencer marketing. Influencer marketing refers to how companies use influencers to impact the opinions of their followers. Through Loggershut, companies and influencers quickly find each other.

The influencers are widely found on social media such as: Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook but also on blogs where influencers typically write more in-depth about a product, a topic or a service.

To companies, influencer marketing is one of the most important channels for advertisement as the companies gain a high level of credibility when a message is communicated through influencers to their followers. As a general rule, this high level of credibility cannot be obtained through traditional means of advertisement.

Advantages of Loggershut

Everything takes place online so when messages are communicated to affluent audiences, viewers and readers are more likely to become motivated to make a purchase, which is why many companies today allocate an increasing part of their economic recourses to this type of advertisement compared to earlier.

The challenge for new influencers is that is can be difficult to make money before the number of fans is incredibly large and the major marketing companies contact the social media starts of tomorrow.

The challenge for a company, if they do no use Loggershut, is that is can be hard to find influencers who have not become too expensive and to facilitate a professional dialogue. If you do not make use of this influencer website, as a company you will tend to have frustrating and time-consuming experiences trying to connect to influencers. However, Loggershut is the solution as a shortcut and as an assurance of quality since all media profiles undergo quality based screenings.

Quality review

Before an influencer can become part of the online influencer network on Loggershut, the social media profiles and websites of the influencer are screened. This ensures that remaining influencers experience a high degree of trust when communicating with companies.

In relation to companies, the clear advantage is that you do not have to contact ten influencers in the hopes of having just one influencer do a good job of advertising the company’s services and products.

Moreover, companies have the change to notify Loggershut if the communication with an influencer is not running as smoothly as expected. There are no additional costs associated with this service as this is part of the services, which we offer companies as subscribers, that ensures a high level of quality.

Data security

The company Loggershut runs with a high degree of security and adheres to, amongst other legislations, the european GDPR regulation, which you can read more about here.


The current prices will at any given time be presented on the front page or on the overview of prices on the website Loggershut.com.

Terms and conditions for company subscriptions are elaborated here.


Loggershut is a Danish company and customer support is offered in the following languages; Danish, English and German.

If you wish to get into contact with this influencer site, feel free to reach out via email: support@loggershut.com