How to make money on YouTube does not require much. However, it does require you to have a number of people subscribing to your YouTube channel and the number of views on your videos is also of importance. 

How many subscribers are needed on Youtube in order to make money is a question, which is debateable. The more subscribers you have, the better. It is nonetheless not a good idea to purchase subscriber as this will simply results in a low-quality YouTube channel as it does not make sense to have a large number of subscribers and a low number of views. This only showcases that your content created as a Youtuber is not considered interesting by your subscribers.

How to make money on YouTube

Some of the categories, which receive a lot of attention and engagement on YouTube are:

  • Music
  • Gaming, IT and technology
  • Sports, health and exercise
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Humour

Therefore, if you chose to create a YouTube channel within one of the above noted categories, you are more likely to increase the amount of traffic for your channel and thereby make more money. However, you are obviously not the only one who is aware of this. Within these Youtube categories are also the most internal competition. More on how you specifically increase your earnings on YouTube in the next section.

How do I make money on YouTube?

To earn money on your YouTube channel, you must be an active Youtuber both in terms of how much content you create but also regarding how well you follow up on comments from your subscribers.

The companies who are interested in paying you to advertise their products or services pay attention to, amongst other things, if you have a so-called ‘healthy’ channel. This includes the above mentioned but also the way in which you communicate with your subscribers.

If you have an authentic presence where you show the real you or if you are an expert in a specific topic, you are well on your way to earning money on YouTube. For some companies, it is crucial if you use swear words (and how) so this is something to consider pertaining being aware of the way you present yourself impacting your opportunities to make money on YouTube.

Nevertheless, it is also important that you are not:

  • Racially discriminating
  • Violent
  • Nude

Etc. However, as the skilled Youtuber that you are, this is most likely not an issue since you have already read what you can and what you cannot do on YouTube.

YouTube salary

The salary of a Youtuber varies from assignment to assignment. The most important thing in the beginning is not to have expectations that are too high in terms of what you can make. Firstly, it is more important for you to book some assignments to you can show other companies moving forward so they know what your channel is about and how you communicate a message regarding a product to your subscribers.

For instance, when you commit to an agreement through with a company to advertise their services or products, you will receive earnings on your Youtube channel. Whether or not your salary becomes a fixed payment agreement or a payment per number of views, is for you to negotiate with the company in question.

The amount of money made on Youtube per view is decided by a number in relation to CPM, meaning Cost Per Thousand. You might be thinking that it would be more applicable to use M and not T but this is due to the letter M representing the roman number of 1000, which is an M.

An example:

If you make an agreement with a company to have CPM50 in Danish DKK, your Youtube earning for this agreement will be 500 DKK if you receive 10.000 views. Is the agreement for CPM200, your Youtube earnings for 5000 views will be 1000 DKK.

If you wish to start making money as a Youtuber, create an influencer profile right now.