Make money on Facebook via Read more on how to get started earning money in this section.

How to make money on Facebook

Start by creating a so-called influencer profile on You do so at the front page of the website. Your Facebook profile will undergo a review by before you get the final approval for being contacted by the companies who wish to use you for advertisement on Facebook.

For instance, you can create an affiliate agreement with companies where you either calculate an amount per click (CPC – cost per click) or per conversion (CPA – cost per action). The majority of companies chose the CPC option. If the company pays you 2DKK per click, you make 200 DKK when you have generated 100 clicks from your Facebook post to the company’s website.

In this scenario, it is not possible for you simply to click on the add a number of times on your own as the company provides you with a unique internet address (url) that measures which IP-address you are using.

Another way of making money is by agreeing with the company that you earn a salary based on the number of likes that you generate or compared to the number of followers that you have on your Facebook profile.

How do I get more followers on Facebook?

You can get more followers on Facebook by being persistent. This means by consistently creating exiting posts, motivating your followers to comment on your posts and by following up on what your followers write to you.

If you have a decent number of active followers, you are increasing the likelihood of companies getting in touch with you so you can make money. Do not focus on earning money right off the bat but instead focus on creating a strong Facebook profile. If you do this, it will be easier for you to make money on Facebook in the long run.

Good ideas for Facebook posts

A good idea for a Facebook post is to include a video. In the video, you can tell your followers all about the company’s product. As a general rule, it is fine to include both advantages and disadvantages of a product but remember to discuss the content of the post with the company before making the video of their product.

It is also a good idea to have a clear understanding with the company of what quality your video will be posted in. It is possible to record in HD quality with your smartphone and remember that the audio needs to be of a good quality as well. You can also reach out and ask the company if you should edit the video or nor before you upload and publish it.

If you are creating product photos or a series of photos, try to include a fun point of view or at least an angle that will generate some interest among your followers on Facebook. You are the expert on your followers but it also might be the case that the company who wishes to collaborate with you has some ideas. This enables you to make money on adds.

After creating a good post for Facebook, you can (in addition to posting in your own feed) publish your post in relevant Facebook groups. Make sure your post does not resemble spam but instead generates value for the Facebook group.

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