Loggershut respects the privacy of information associated with account both regarding influencers and subscribers.

This statement applies to all services and websites associated with the ownership of Loggershut. Loggershut therefor also adheres to the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that comes into effect on May 25, 2018.


The subscriber is regarded as a ‘data controller’ concerning the data, which the subscriber exchanges with the influencers. The subscriber sets the context for which data is used in order for the influencer to complete an assignment on behalf of the subscriber.

In this regard, Loggershut is a so-called ’data processor’. Loggershut is responsible for the process of data communication for the subscriber (data controller).

In the case of potential doubts or if you are in need of a GDPR PDA, a Data Processing Agreement, please contact your legal counsel.


Loggershut’s websites use SSL encryption (https)

All data is stored on servers within the EU. Loggershut uses first class server hosting including 24/7 monitoring, brand security etc.

As a subscriber and an influencer, you can at any time delete your Loggershut profile.

Loggershut has fixed procedures for whom, in confidence, has access to server data.

Collected data:

Profiles, and thereby accounts created on Loggershut, for influencers and for subscribers have the status of being non sensitive information. Hence, Loggershut does not request information that touches upon: race or ethnicity, political or religious circumstances, philological beliefs, information regarding health, trade union situations, sexual relationships or preferences.

Loggershut does not register all of the following so-called regular information but has the opportunity to do so:

  • Personal or company names
  • Postal address
  • Email and IP addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media platforms and profiles including blog and website addresses
  • Choices regarding place of education and interests

Both as an influencer and as a subscriber you can at any time see what data Loggershut has knowledge of by logging into your profile on Loggershut. Logging into Loggershut gives you the option of editing your profile, which can be done 24/7 as long as you have internet access.


To improve your use of Loggershut, Loggershut uses cookies including session cookies. The purpose is, amongst others, to ensure higher speed for your subsequent visits to the website after your first visit to Loggershut.

Loggershut uses Google and other third-party services. Data can therefore be stored on international servers. Cookies are in this regard anonymous. Loggershut thereby has the opportunity to conduct analyses.

You have the option of rejecting cookies via the ‘settings’ of your internet browsers. The disadvantage being that you might experience limited use of the functions on Loggershut.

Cookies can be used by Loggershut for targeted marketing.

Here you can read more about Loggershut.  


In case this section on data security raises any questions feel free to contact us at: support@loggershut.com