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Content marketing is a useful tool for brands because it can be much more effective than regular advertising. Content marketing involves the production and circulation of brand or product related content online and is often outsourced to influencers.

However, good influencers can be very hard to find, especially if you’re working within a certain budget. Searching out the right influencer for your product or brand takes time, which isn’t what you want when promoting a new product. And that’s where we come in.

Loggershut is your new number-one tool for matching with influencers, and will save you both time and effort. We’ve made it really easy to search for the right person for your product, who will then create unique and engaging content to market it for you.

Using Loggershut is a great way to grow your brand organically, and will undoubtedly save money in your marketing budget. Here we will show you the ways in which Loggershut can help create more awareness for your brand or product.

Marketing strategy

Any company knows how important it is to have a good marketing strategy. It’s often where a vast portion of the company’s money goes, most of which is spent on advertising. This is because many companies use outbound marketing strategies.

One of the ways in which companies make good use of their marketing budget is to use influencers. After all, at minimum they require your product, although many do get paid, but they still work out cheaper than many other forms of advertising.

The biggest issue with using influencers is how long it can take to find them online. It can end up with marketing managers scrolling social media looking for the right person to promote their product, which translates into lost time and misspent money. Our aim is to change this for your company, and make it easy to find the right influencer to match your needs.

That said, it’s important to note that we’re not a marketing agency, and we don’t provide content marketing to clients. Think of us as a go-between to help make your life easier by finding the right influencer for your brand. The influencers you connect with through our service will then create their own content on their social media pages, and this can be a great platform for your brand.

Inbound vs. outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is the kind that we’re used to seeing every day of our lives. Advertising on social media, television, radio, in print, etc. is all classed as outbound marketing. It’s typically not specifically tailored to an individual’s interests, and so takes more of a broad shot approach to pulling in potential customers.

This is obviously an expensive way of doing things. Creating a marketing campaign that reaches tens of thousands of people, only to bring in several hundred, is not only a waste of resources; it’s a waste of time too. However outbound marketing is the most widely used method because it’s much easier than trying to market directly to customers.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, works by drawing potential customers to your brand through the use of content marketing and social media. This makes it a much more cost-effective approach because the interest is more organic than with outbound marketing.

Influencers are one of the best methods of inbound marketing because they use their audience to market your product and create interest. They can also use their audience to provide feedback on your business or product, and troubleshoot any issues they have. All of this is part of the service we connect you to, and the goal of Loggershut is to made the connection process smoother and easier.

Here are some different examples of marketing:

Visual marketing

Easily the most common form of marketing is visual, mainly because it’s our most used sense. So much of a person’s information comes from sight, and this makes visual marketing the most important one to do correctly.

Using influencer marketing relies on your product being visual. Usually people think of this as clothes, textiles, or other products, but there are ways round this issue.

  • For example, if your product is electronic (such as an app or piece of software), then it’s simply a case of having it reviewed on YouTube. This automatically creates a way for your product to be seen by a much wider audience. Alternatively, if your product is something bigger, then it can become part of a photo or video backdrop, giving you another way onto social media

Social media marketing

It can be argued that social media marketing is visual marketing, as it provides the perfect space for potential customers to see your product. Obviously influencers rely on their social media accounts and large followings to provide your inbound marketing audience.

Rather than spreading our activity over all types of social media, Loggershut focuses on SoMe platforms because they have the highest chance of success. We tailor our package to best suit your business and product, and make sure we only use the most appropriate platforms for your brand.

Event marketing

Event marketing is the perfect way to showcase a new product, store, or development, and helps to generate a great buzz about your brand. Exclusive events are an excellent way to build interest in your business, and help to build a certain reputation.

Loggershut can help with this by inviting the right influencers to your event. Inviting influencers that are popular on Instagram is an ideal way to create unique photo opportunities for your product, and will help to generate talk among their followers.

Ambassador marketing

Getting a brand ambassador is the ultimate way to build a solid reputation for your company. They will show brand loyalty to their followers, and once you find an influencer with the right market then it makes little sense to let go of them.

Loggershut is the ultimate way to connect with your ideal brand ambassador. Our service allows you to tailor your search to just the right niche, providing you with the perfect ambassador for your brand.

Creating a loyal brand ambassador works both ways, and requires you to show them loyalty as much as they do you. At Loggershut, we look to pair you with the right influencers so you can enjoy a great working relationship together.

International marketing

Expanding into foreign markets can be a challenging task for any business, but Loggershut is here to make the process much easier for you. We operate in many countries and will be able to connect you with influencers that will make the transition smooth.

We work on a global scale but think locally in every operation. We will pair you with influencers who speak the right languages and have the right followers regardless of which country you’re looking to market in.

Content marketing agency

Loggershut’s content marketing strategy includes:

1. Finding the right influencers for your brand

The biggest challenge companies face when looking for influencers is finding the right niche. Loggershut helps because we know which influencers will be ideal for your product or business, and we base our decision on industry experience and a wide range of knowledge.

Part of our strategy might be to match you with both bloggers and social media influencers. This way you can reap the benefits of both written and visual content marketing, giving you a much wider audience to tap into.

Another challenge marketers face is knowing the right information about an influencer before they make contact. For example, the influencer might be working exclusively with another company, might be booked up during the length of your planned campaign, or might currently be outside of your allocated marketing budget. These are all things we know before matching you with an influencer, and this saves you both time and money.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for influencers with a massive following or smaller, more personal influencers, we have just the right people for you. If you’ve got the budget to hire someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, then we can make this happen. However, if you’re looking to build a closer relationship with a less well-known influencer, then we can make this happen too.

2. Creating authenticity in communications

Here at Loggershut, we make it our mission to ensure the right message reaches the influencer’s audience. We completely understand that it’s tempting to try and script the influencer, particularly if you’ve invested a large portion of your marketing budget into hiring them.

However, we know that influencers will do a much better job of promoting your product if they are allowed to do so naturally. Allowing them to do their jobs properly helps to create authenticity in their message, which in turn makes your product more convincing. Customers that have faith in the influencer will have much more faith in your product too.

3. Creativity

Influencers that are new to the industry, or those with smaller followings, may very well have reached their current position without a predetermined strategy, and so it’s not uncommon for them to do things differently to the bigger influencers.

To make sure we offer consistency and quality service wherever possible, Loggershut provides training to our smaller influencers to help them become more creative in their content, and to guide them into growing their following naturally and efficiently.

4. The Marketing Act

We believe transparency and co-operation are both keys to success in business, and so we ensure we act in accordance with the Consumer Ombudsman wherever possible. This includes the following agreements:

  • Any influencers younger than the age of legal adulthood have their parents’ permission whenever they do business.
  • Influencers who work for use on behalf of your brand have to include the hashtags “advertising,” “brand,” or “business” in any of their promotional and commercial posts.
  • We have chosen not to work with companies that offer sex, drugs, or gambling.

5. Timetable

Not every influencer is able to post quickly every time you might want your product promoting. They may have other jobs, or things that require their time elsewhere. We understand that everyone has lives, but we also understand how important it is for your brand to be promoted. To balance this, we always keep track of which influencers post regularly, and take this into account when matching you.

6. Remuneration

How you choose to pay the influencer is up to you; it can be money, products, services, or whatever combination you choose. Whichever option you choose, it’s obviously fundamental for the influencer to receive and engage with your product even if this isn’t part of their remuneration. However you decide to handle this, Loggershut is here to help.

Content Marketing Manager
Get your Content Marketing balance right


7. Analysis

We make sure we keep track of all the useful information we need to see how effectively your product is being marketed by an influencer. This information includes:

  • Reach. This is the number of potential customers that your brand reaches through the influencer’s soclal media following.
  • Engagement rate. This is the number of engagements per post (likes, shares, comments), divided by the number of followers, divided by the number of posts the influencer has created. This sounds complicated, but it’s not. It simply gives you an average engagement per post, which is incredibly useful information.
  • Power measurement. We use this to basically gauge what works for your brand and what doesn’t, so we can always be as efficient as possible.

8. Content SEO

Bloggers help to create a conversation around your brand not just by writing about it, but through their use of SEO content. This is media optimized for search engines, and includes techniques such as back-linking. This improves your site’s ranking on Google, thus giving you greater visibility online.

At Loggershut, we look to connect you with bloggers who will be able to use SEO content to effectively market your product or business. They will use their knowledge of marketing to naturally improve your ranking, and we will always ensure you’re connected with the right influencer for the job.

9. Avoid expensive software

Loggershut helps you to avoid spending a large portion of your marketing budget on expensive software packages. We do this by connecting you with real people who use their good position on other company’s expensive software to promote your brand.

This might sound like a cheat, but it’s not. Why bother investing in marketing solutions when you can use influencers to organically grow brand awareness? We make it our mission to ensure you use your marketing budget wisely.

Content plan

Hopefully this information has convinced you to start planning your first content marketing campaign. If it has, here is a helpful table to use. We’ve made this based on the most useful information to include, and it’s basically what any marketing agency would do for you.

Start by creating a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • Date of publication
  • Type of content
  • Title - description
  • Producer
  • Deadline for content
  • Status
  • Responsible - editor


Using these columns will help you keep track of everything, and having a log of dates will allow you to create 12-month plans, and then reflect and optimize wherever necessary. The types of content are the ones mentioned earlier in this article, and this table allows you to keep track of the most effective methods for your brand.

Here at Loggershut, we know how valuable good content is, and how much of a difference it makes to a brand’s success. User-generated content is a useful source of advertising for businesses, and is crucial to influencer marketing. So here are the main benefits to help you understand its importance:

User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a widely used term in social media marketing, and it’s very important to the whole world of influencer marketing. This is because influencers can generate personal content that your brand might be struggling to produce, or to share this content with an audience your company might not be able to access. Not only that, but they are able to produce content regularly enough to maintain an interest in your product.

If you’ve previously attempted to develop your own content marketing plan then you’ll know it’s an ambitious and time-consuming task. That’s where an influencer’s user-generated content comes in to help. They take the weight off your marketing team needing to create a plan, as the influencer will have their own schedule to work to.

Using Loggershut to connect with influencers also gives you access to a wide range of social media platforms, including vlogs, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This provides you with:

  • Direct and sustained traffic to your web store
  • A conversation and buzz on social media specifically related to your brand
  • Content you’re able to use over and over again
  • A more effective and targeted alternative to traditional outbound marketing

One of the most effective types of user-generated content is “dark posts.” These are special targeted adverts on social media that don’t appear as regular ads or posts in people’s timelines. Instead, they appear directly as sponsored content in the feeds of potential customers you’re targeting. This makes them an effective way to reuse content.

For example, promoting an influencer’s dark post in the same city that your store is based in will target social media users in that city who have an interest in your brand or product. This makes it an effective and more streamlined way to connect with the right audience.

Whatever form user-generated content takes, its importance in the field of content marketing is undisputed. The influencers we work with are skilled in creating effective and engaging content, all of which is intended to promote your product to grow your audience in a natural way.


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